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Pre-Owned Equipment

  • 40k PSI Hose w/ Hannay Hose Reel

    Hannay Reel - Information Tag Model: MXC 426 - 39 - 40 - 24 RT                         1421846 Date of Manu... [Continue]

  • Allen-Bradley 8520-PS1 Power Supply-Series 9

    We will answer your questions [Continue]

  • Allen-Bradley Programmer SLC-500

    Call with questions [Continue]

  • Baldor 50HP Motor

    50 HP - 415 V - 68 Amps - 1450 RPM - #12NO33W223G1 [Continue]

  • I-R Streamline II Sheet Metal Lids and Doors
    Streamline II Body Panels Streamline II Body Panels

    Set of Streamline II Panels (Complete). Fits the Streamline II frame featured as another product on our page. Condition of panels as shown in pictures. [Continue]

  • Ingersoll-Rand/KMT Custom Spanner Wrench

    Spanner Wrench to be used for I-G/KMT End Caps [Continue]

  • Racine/Bosch Pump

    Racine- Bosch Group PSV PSCO-80GRM-63 Standard Pressure Compression Screw Volume Control Flange MTD. Side ports 4 bolt flange Buna N Seals 60 GPM 1500 PSI Right Hand Rotation Medium Keyed Shaft Fr... [Continue]

  • Remcon "Rambo" 75 HP Dual/Redundant
    Remcon Remcon

    Remcon's own Waterjet Intensifier Unit. This waterjet pump unit contains the following: 75HP dual or redundant - 2.0 GPM  55,000, 60,000 psi.  70 gal. oil reservoir - over sized heat exchangers - 6 Mic. hyd. filtration - Flow Syste... [Continue]

  • Rexroth - Fixed Displacement Motor

    Model: AA2FM 160/61W-VSD520 AA2F = Bent Axis Design M = Motor 160 = Variable Displacement 61 = Series/Index W = As viewed from the shaft end - bidirectional V - Seals : FPM - Phosphateester fluid S - SAE Splined Shaft D - ... [Continue]

  • FLOW High Pressure Water Valve

    Flow HP Water Valve - 60K PSI [Continue]

  • I-R Streamline I/II Attenuator

    55K PSI - 3" Diameter.  9/16" HP Connection [Continue]

  • I-R Streamline SL-IV 50 HP Intensifier
    I-R Streamline SL-IV 50 HP Intensifier I-R Streamline SL-IV 50 HP Intensifier

    Ingersoll-Rand (KMT) Streamline SL-IV 50 Waterjet Intensifier Unit. Great clean condition. [Continue]

  • GE Fanuc SeriesONE PLC Power Supply Chassis

    GE Fanuc SeriesONE PLC Power Supply Chassis [Continue]

  • Flow Model 20X D55 Dual Intensifier Pump Unit
    Flow Model 20X D55 Dual Intensifier Pump Unit Flow Model 20X D55 Dual Intensifier Pump Unit

    Machine ID: H70 - Dual Intensifier Pump Unit, 100HP, 2.0 GPM with built-in boost pump and filters. [Continue]

  • Legacy Flow INSTAJET Cutting Head

    Legacy Flow Parts [Continue]

  • Flow 20X S-Motor 50HP
    Flow 20X S-Motor 50 HP

    "Reliance" Duty Master AC Motor: S-motor, 50 HP, ID# IMAF69111 G2 TT, Type P, Phase 3, Hz 60, Design 8, volts 230/460, amps 128/64, SF 1.15, code G, AMB. 40C.,C-Face [Continue]

  • Legacy Paser Flow 2 Abrasive Assembly

    Legacy Paser Flow 2 Complete Abrasive Metering Assembly [Continue]

  • Baldor 3-Axis Servo Control Unit

    As is. Product number: UM3015-100 [Continue]

  • Flow Intensifier Frame
    Flow Jetcutter Style Frame Flow Jetcutter Style Frame

    Sold As Is! This can be used to build your own high pressure system. [Continue]

  • Flow 20X AUX Pumps
    Flow 20X AUX Pumps

    "Duramax" High Pressure Spin-On Donaldson Hydraulic Filter, P163324, US Patent No. 4,369,113 & 743,342 [Continue]