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Why Use Waterjet Cutting?

There is no heat affected zone:

  • No microcracking.
  • Often eliminates deburring, grinding.
  • Parts do not distort.
  • We can cut heat treated material.

Material Utilization improves:

  • The jet profiles vs making chips.
  • Drops can be salvaged.
  • Nesting and line-to-line cutting work - no heat affected zone.

Secondary machining costs are lower:

  • Cutter life is longer and feeds higher.
  • Net shapes generated.
  • Piercing cuts needed for start holes - no heat affected zone.

What We Do

Remcon remanufactures waterjets and cuts parts using the same process. We have been providing waterjet cutting services since 1986. Our in-house capabilities include abrasive jet cutting of metals, glass, stone and composites, and pure waterjet cutting of foams, plastics, rubber and composites. 

The cutting power is generated by a very fine stream of water traveling at two to three times the speed of sound (faster than many bullets). The stream is smaller than a pin but a jet 1/70th of an inch in diameter packs nearly 50 horsepower.

SampleFor metal cutting, grit is added after the jet is formed to permit routine cutting of 3-6" stainless steel. The size of the jet itself increases but is still less than 1/16". 

The major advantages of waterjet cutting are the lack of heat in the cutting process, the quality of the cut itself and the ease of applying modern CAD/CAM and shape generation methods.