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About Us

Remcon sells New and Remanufactured Waterjet Equipment and we have four Cutting Machines in Production.

The cutting power is generated by four Dual/Redundant Intensifiers rated at 60,000 psi with a total output of 8 gpm.  We can cut with up to eight heads at a time.  The cutting power generates a very fine stream of water travelling at two to three times the speed of sound (faster than many bullets). The stream is smaller than a pin but a jet 1/70th of an inch in diameter packs nearly 50 horsepower.

For metal cutting, garnet abrasive is added after the jet is formed to permit routine cutting of 3-6" thick stainless steel. The size of the jet itself increases but is still less than 1/16".  Our maximum cut width is .060" to .080" 

The major advantages of waterjet cutting are Cut Quality, the lack of heat in the cutting process, the quality of the cut itself, and the ease of applying modern CAD/CAM and shape generation methods.


Equipment For Sale:

  • Flow International Intensifier pumps - Models  5X, 7X, 20XS, 20XD, 25X     Horse Power Range  25, 40, 50, 60, 75, 100, 150T  
  • Flow Legacy Products: Models 130, 140, 150, 106, 107, 9XS, 9XD, 11X MK1, 11X MK2
  • Ingersoll-Rand Legacy Models  Streamline I, Streamline II, Streamline IV (pre KMT) 25, 40 50 HP, Calypso S30 
  • KMT Streamline IV and V,  30HP, 50 HP, 100S and 100D 100 HP. 
  • WSI  30 HP to 100 HP.

Equipment (in-house):

  • Intensifier pumps - 325HP + 100HP backup
  • CNC Cutting Machines (4) - 6' x 12', 4' x 6', 28" x 56",18" x 18"
  • Abrasive Cutting - 8 heads (.014)
  • Plain Water - 12 heads

Parts (stocking):

  • Intensifiers, accumulators, filters (Flow, I-R, KMT, WSI)
  • Hydraulic Pumps - new & re-built (Racine SV-80, Bosch RKP, Parker, Rexroth A10V)
  • High Pressure tubing and fittings, 60K PSI, 100K PSI
  • Power matched grit, nozzles, heads
  • Orifices .004-.022"
  • Long Life Nozzles (Roctec) .025" - .090" ~ 70-250 hrs.
  • Obsolete parts - Paser I, I-R SI