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Remcon's waterjet cutting produces a better edge cut without interruption. And it not only handles slots and through-cuts, but the cut can be initiated at any point on the workpiece.

Why Use Waterjet Cutting?

  1. There is no heat affected zone:
    1. No microcracking.
    2. Often eliminates deburring, grinding.
    3. Parts do not distort.
    4. We can cut heat treated material.
  2. Material utilization improves:
    1. The jet profiles vs making chips.
    2. Usable drops, not chips.
    3. Nesting and line-to-line cutting work - no heat affected zone.
  3. Secondary machining costs are lower:
    1. Cutter life is longer & feeds higher.
    2. Net shapes generated.
    3. Piercing cuts needed for start holes - no heat affected zone.

Quality of Cut

  • Sharp inside corners are easily achieved
  • Clean holes are pierced and contoured
  • Deburring is often not required
  • Pinpoint contouring saves material

Remcon's waterjet cutting creates no high temperatures, therefore there is little or no change in the physical properties of the material being cut.

No Heat Means...

  • No slag or burr
  • Heat treat is not changed
  • Easier machining of blanks
  • Longer fatigue life

Waterjet Target Materials

Abrasive Jet:

  1. Titanium, Inconel, Nickel
  2. Aluminum, Brass, Copper
  3. Composites
  4. Bonded, Multi-Materials
    • Clutch Plates, Brakes
    • Rubber on Metal
    • Metal on Metal
  5. Heat Treated Metals 35-55 RC.

Water Only:

  1. Cured Rubber, 30-90 Durometer.
  2. Plastics, Fiberglass, PVC <.25"
  3. Food Products (Equipment Only)
  4. Paper Products, Corrugated.

Remcon's CAD/CAM software system provides prompt and precise coordination of your product's design with its automated manufacture.


  • Shapes cut directly from customer computer files
  • Freehand artistic contours are scanned accurately
  • Cutting programs are not separated from user engineering specs
  • Redrawing is minimal, errors are reduced, traceability is held
  • Nesting software improves material utilization
  • Engineering changes are made promptly
  • Files are transfered via modem, DNC link, or networks

Cutting Equipment and Services

  1. Cutting Services:
    1. Fixed price - short or long run
    2. Annual Contracts
    3. Process Development - per day
    4. Operator Training
    5. Cutting cost optimization
  2. Equipment Offered:
    1. Turnkey simple systems - 2 and 6 axis
    2. Water subsystems-Intensifiers, Starters, Plumbing and Heads
    3. Model 2040 Two-axis Machine
    4. IRB 2000, 3000, 3200 Robot based systems, single station
    5. Special wear component and tooling
  3. Technical Services:
    1. Training - Maintenance - Operation
    2. Installation
    3. Special Repair and Parts Programs
    4. Cost Reduction Programs